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Organic food is very popular and good for health these days.
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Granule Jaggery

Granule Jaggary powder was obtained by the clarification (only defection concentration followed by granulation in the vacuum pan.

UsesIt is used as Table sugar, Raw material for refined sugars, and used in Ayurvedic medicines due to its non-Sulphur compound.

Jaggery Powder

The compound is obtained without granule & centrifugal separation of molasses from the mother liquor.

Uses: This is being used in Ayurvedic medicine due to nutrients available for making healthy drinks for (Anemia Disease)


Jaggery Syrup/Ayurvedic Syrup/Kakwi

Obtained by the clarification followed by concentration in the pan.

Uses  as an artificial honey and Ayurvedic medicine.


Solid Jaggery

The revolutionary research for the production of solid Jaggary has stabilized as a new modernization process in place of the traditional process of Jaggary making. The chocolate and flavoured Jaggary can be made as per requirement.

A 150 TCD plant is being installed at Rahimatpur Dist: Satara in the month of Dec.2016. Site erection work is in the process.

Organic Sugar

It is made by only using an organic clarification agent.

Candy Sugar

The research wing has developed a new type of pan which is designed for the production of candy sugar without a vacuum.